Children playing at St. Louis Park preschool

Our kids loved Wooddale Community Nursery School. The play-based, relationship-centered environment prepared our children beautifully for school – and for life!

Scott F.


After researching and visiting most of the preschools in the St. Louis Park-Edina area, we enrolled our child at Wooddale Community Nursery School. We could not be happier! This is a child-centered program with plenty of play, which is essential for young children. The teachers are knowledgeable, loving, and clearly enjoy what they are doing each day. As an educational consultant and elementary school teacher myself, I am impressed that this school actually “walks the walk” when it comes to best educational practices and maintaining an age-appropriate environment for young children. Do your child a favor and bring him or her to visit Wooddale Community Nursery School!

Amy S.

I did not know what to expect from preschool when our first child started at Wooddale. We had heard great things from friends, but I never anticipated such a nurturing, wonderful environment for my children. The women who run this program are talented, educated, kind, and amazing. Our second child is now attending and I feel lucky that he has one more year in this incredible environment. The mix of learning and play feels absolutely appropriate for this age group. It has been a treat to see the smiles and hear the laughter filling the room every day picking up my child. This is the perfect place to prepare our children for the next phase of their lives.

Charly M.
fun play at St. Louis Park preschool

Wooddale Community Nursery School is pure magic! Both of our children have gone through the program. Our children have very different personalities and the teachers at Wooddale brought out the best in each of them, helping them thrive as individuals. I am a former kindergarten and first grade teacher and my husband and I looked at many preschool programs for our children. We chose Wooddale because of the play-based philosophy, the multi-age program, which emphasizes strong social skills, and for the combined experience from the four wonderful teachers. We could not have been happier with our decision.

Elizabeth J.


I am the parent of three boys, and they each attended Wooddale Community Nursery School. I have also been an elementary reading teacher for the past 15 years. I feel strongly that Wooddale Community Nursery School provided a balanced social/emotional and academic experience for my children. During their years at Wooddale, my boys experienced school as a rewarding and positive place where they made good friends. As a result, they began an early love of learning. This set the tone for them so they could continue to have positive school experiences. The school’s approach – learning through play in a multi-age group -allows children to master several of the most important life skills needed for elementary school and today’s society. It teaches them how to work with others and communicate with peers. It is also their introduction to larger group activities. The Wooddale teachers are experienced and dedicated to nurturing each child’s development. They understand that school is about both social/emotional development and academic development – that both need to be in place if the child is to grow into a well-rounded and successful individual. It all starts so early for our children, and Wooddale Nursery School and its teachers are there to support them in reaching their potential.

Jessica L.

I could not recommend a better school! The teachers are simply amazing – they are caring, compassionate, educated and loving. I love that every day we walk in he is welcomed by all staff with a smile and a hug and the reassurance that they are so happy to see him. I feel so comfortable dropping him off here. The play-centered focus is exactly what children need at this age and we are so glad we are able to be a part of this school. He is learning so much and at the same time having so much fun. This is exactly what I want my son’s first school experience to be. If you are looking for a preschool, definitely check out Wooddale Community Nursery School.

Charise V.


My son absolutely loves going to school here! So many people recommended Wooddale to me -now I know why. The teachers are warm, welcoming, smart, patient, understanding, and fun. They have been working together for many years and they are definitely a strong team. Their energy really makes this place special. Wonderful preschool!

Amy K.